Snow and Ice Removal

Snow Removal of City Streets

The City of Burnsville maintains more than 225 miles of streets. All Public Works departments -- including streets, utilities, parks, fleet and forestry -- take part in snow removal and de-icing process during the winter months.

When it snows it may take the City 12 hours or more to plow snowevery street. When a snow storm produces large amounts of snow it may take several days to complete all sidewalk and trail snow removal since crews prioritize streets and heavily accessed sidewalks first.

On average, the City of Burnsville receives 48 inches of snow per year, resulting in crews plowing anywhere from 15-25 times each winter, depending on snowfall amounts.

Streets are plowed and de-iced in the following priority: 

  1. Main Thoroughfares
  2. Commercial / Industrial
  3. Collectors / Steep Grades
  4. Residential

In order to fulfill our duties during a full plow event, crews will usually begin plowing around 3 a.m. -- depending on snowfall amounts and timing of the storm -- in order to have collector streets cleared by rush hour. 

Stay Safe

We rely on the public's help to keep the streets plowed safely and effectively. Complying with the following procedures will help us operate at peak performance and provide a well-maintained community:

  • Know and understand the City of Burnsville Snow and Ice control procedures and priorities listed above.
  • Keep up with weather forecasts and prepare for adverse weather conditions.
  • Do not park vehicles on public streets during a snow event. Remember that no overnight parking is allowed on any street between 2 - 6 a.m. daily year-round.
  • Maintain a safe distance from emergency and maintenance vehicles. Is it recommended to stay at least 75 feet behind a snow plow.
  • Expect maintenance vehicles to stop and back up frequently.
  • Remove garbage cans and recycling bins from the roadways and keep them at a safe distance in your driveway or up on the curb.
  • Do not discharge snow onto roadways or sidewalks while shoveling or snow blowing your driveway.
  • Always remember to drive carefully and be courteous to fellow drivers during unfavorable conditions.

Snow Removal of Sidewalks and Trails

Along with more than 225 miles of streets to maintain, there are more than 120 miles of public sidewalks and 20 miles of park paths that require snow removal. This does, however, depend on time, temperature and future weather forecasts.

Sidewalk snow removal begins on the same day as street plowing. If winter conditions become too severe to continue sidewalk plowing, only the high priority areas will be focused on for access. These walks include sidewalks adjacent to schools. All other walks will be accessible as soon as it is possible for our crews and contractors to safely continue.

Along with our City staff, school district representatives, and other relevant personnel, we review these routes annually to prioritize them in the importance in which is necessary. School access, bus route access and church access are all taken into consideration when developing or changing sidewalk priorities.

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