The City is involved in managing the deer herd in Burnsville in multiple ways, including through the enforcement of a deer feeding ban, regulation of bowhunting, education for residents on how to reduce deer issues, and annual deer population monitoring/population control. Information related to all of these areas can be found within the deer section of the website.

The City’s work related to deer is directed by the Deer Management Program Plan (PDF), passed by City council in 2001. The goals of the program are to:

  • Manage the deer population at socially acceptable levels
  • Maintain the health of Burnsville’s woodland habitat
  • Maintain the health of our deer herd

The program is intended to address the following concerns associated with high deer populations:

  1. Protect the biological integrity of our natural areas. Over browsing by deer harms our natural woodlands.
  2. Improve public safety. An average of 50 deer/car collisions are reported annually in Burnsville.
  3. Protect residential landscapes. More and more residents are experiencing problems with damage to their yards and gardens from deer.
  4. Maintain the long term health of the deer herd. Left unchecked, the size of the herd will increase to levels that cannot be supported naturally. The Burnsville Deer Management program has a number of components, including education, monitoring, ordinance revisions and population control. The City produces an annual report on deer management activities.

Population Control Efforts

Sharpshooters from the Burnsville Police Department will conduct deer removals periodically at various parks between December 2019 and March 2020.

Parks will be open for normal activities, except on afternoons/evenings when deer removals are planned. When deer removals are planned, the park will be closed from 2 p.m. until sunrise the following morning. The City will post signs at all of the park’s designated public access points to notify park users of the closure. Due to uncertain weather conditions, this list will not be updated until a few hours prior to park closure.

Alimagnet Park - Open for all activities

Cliff Fen Park - Open for all activities

Crystal West Park - Open for all activities  

Terrace Oaks Park - Open for all activities

Twin Lake Park - Open for all activities

Wolk Park - Open for all activities