I-35W Southbound Off-Ramp to Buck Hill Road

Burnsville awarded MnDOT Transportation Economic Development (TED) grant

The City of Burnsville, in partnership with Dakota County, applied for a MnDOT Transportation Economic Development (TED) grant for construction of a new exit ramp from southbound I-35W under County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 42 to Buck Hill Road.  The project was selected and will be awarded $3.1 million in TED grant funding. The total project cost is estimated to be about $5 million.

The project was initially considered as a potential improvement with the Burnsville Center Village Vision Traffic Study and further evaluated with Dakota County's County Highway 42 Visioning Study.  Benefits of this project include:

  • Creating a direct access to the Burnsville Center area
  • Eliminating through and left turns at the ramp and CSAH 42 which removes vehicle conflict points (likely leading to fewer crashes)
  • Potentially spurring redevelopment and the Burnsville Center site

Tentative Project Schedule

  • Design: 2022 - 2024
  • Construction: 2025


Please contact Burnsville City Engineer, Jen Desrude if you have any questions regarding this project

Project Concept Drawing 

* This concept is subject to change based on final engineering and working with the adjacent property owners to determine the best fit for their redevelopment plans.

RBA Attachment A - Project Loc and Sketch v2