Mixed Use Planning

Getting Ahead of the Trends, Implementing Our Vision

Mixed Use zoning districts are a planning strategy and land use practice that promotes a walkable built environment, infill development and redevelopment, and increased density of development. Burnsville’s MIX district is regulated by Title 10, Chapter 22C of the Burnsville City Code and the intent is to promote integrated land uses where residential land uses can be combined into neighborhoods with retail, office, entertainment, and recreational facilities in close proximity to transit.  


Tuesday, April 20
City Council Meeting

Future Zoning Code Changes

Once the Comprehensive Plan changes have been made, City Staff will work to amend the zoning district for the sites to be consistent with the new “Mixed Use” land use. These zoning changes are anticipated in late 2021. Mixed Use development benefits these qualities:

  • Social 
    • Promote public health and healthy communities
    • Unique sense of community and place
  • Environmental 
    • Sustainability
    • Compact and transit-accessible
    • Pedestrian-oriented 
  • Fiscal Economics 
    • Create and/or enhance economic value

If you have questions about the changes or about the virtual open house and public hearing, please contact Sarah Madden, City Planner at Sarah.madden@burnsvillemn.gov or 952-895-4424.

Other Opportunities for Mixed Use in Burnsville

The long-term vision for Burnsville Center area imagines a redeveloped and revitalized urban village known as the Center Village. The area could include a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transit station as part of a future expansion of the Orange Line. This area is currently in the works as a Mixed use zoning district pending Metropolitan Council approval. That amendment guides the properties north of County Road 42 and south of McAndrews with Interstate 35 and the west side of County Road 5 as boundaries to Mixed Use. Instead of recreating the wheel, the City may one day extend the new TOD (Transit Oriented Development) zoning district to include Burnsville Center and other areas of the city.

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