2018 Officer of the Year

Casey M. Buck

Detective Casey Buck has been a member of the Burnsville Police Department since 2000, when she began as a Community Service Officer. After 18 years with the department – the last seven in the investigations division – Detective Buck’s many accomplishments have set her apart as one of the organization’s “go-to” investigators.

During her years of service, Detective Buck has demonstrated excellence through her assignments as a Patrol Officer, a member of the Domestic Abuse Resistance Team (DART), a Physical Evidence Officer, a Field Training Officer, a Community Resource Officer and now an investigator.

Her exemplary case work and dedication to crime victims were cited by her peers as two of her greatest attributes. In 2018, Detective Buck led more than 75 “person-crimes” cases – ranging from child abuse, child protection, criminal sexual conduct, assault, stalking and domestic violence. Working these types of cases, she is often tasked with helping the victims of devastating crimes.

Highlighted Cases from 2018

  • Detective Buck responded to the hospital after a medical call for a 6-month-old child that was initially reported as a choking. Through her investigation, it was later determined that the child received severe, life-threatening injuries from a non-family caregiver. These injuries will affect the child for life. Detective Buck led a team through a very difficult and heartbreaking investigation to bring charges to the suspect, care to the victim and some closure to the family.

    In the wake of the child being left with potentially lifelong mental and physical limitations, Detective Buck also led fundraising efforts to support the victim’s family, raising nearly $6,000.
  • For a second time in 2018, Detective Buck led an investigation of a disturbing crime against a young child. Police responded to a call of a 23-month-old with severely burned hands. A non-family caregiver was later arrested for severely scalding both the child’s hands, resulting in third-degree burns. Detective Buck’s investigation led to the caregiver being charged with First Degree Assault.

    With this child also having lifelong injuries, Detective Buck led a group of officers to purchase birthday presents and visiting the child – who turned 2 shortly after the assault – in the hospital.
  • Detective Buck also investigated a difficult criminal sexual conduct case that took place more than 30 years prior and had not been reported until 2018. She worked closely with the victim who had come forward to coordinate a recorded call with the suspect. This call provided vital evidence and admissions to bring charges forward against the suspect. Detective Buck’s work with the victim encouraged an additional victim to come forward.

Detective Buck’s devotion to her cases, their victims and law enforcement serves the department by adhering to its core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage, Excellence and Knowledge.

For these reasons the Burnsville Police Department is proud to announce Burnsville Police Detective Casey M. Buck as Burnsville’s 2018 Police Officer of the Year.