Prescribed/Open Burn Permit

Issued To 

Contractors performing prescribed/open burn work

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Permits must be obtained before every project

Additional Requirements

  • The contractor must provide proof of insurance
  • A scaled site plan showing burn location(s) and all nearby utilities and structures
  • Information on personnel and fire-fighting resources that will be onsite during the burn
  • Burns must be conducted by a contractor experienced in wildland or prairie restoration
  • Burns may not be conducted when winds are in excess of 20 mph
  • Burns may not be conducted when the DNR has banned permit burns unless a DNR Variance has been issued for the burn. A copy of the approved DNR variance must be provided to the City
  • Prescribed burn permits may be cancelled due to dry weather conditions or at the discretion of the Burnsville Fire Department 
  • Location shall not be less than 50’ from any structure and provisions made to prevent fire from spreading to within 50’ of structures
  • Applicant must notify the Burnsville Fire Department at 952-895-4570 and Dakota Communications Center (DCC) at 952-322-2323 prior to initiating the burn each day.


Fee is listed on application

Questions? Contact

Burnsville Fire Department
Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Doug Nelson
100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, Minn. 55337