Firework Sale & Display Permits

Issued To 

  • Firework display vendors
  • Firework sales retailers

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Additional Requirements

  • Display vendors must include: 
    • Proof of a bond or certificate of insurance in amount of at least $1,000,000 
    • A diagram of the grounds, or facilities at which the display will be held. This diagram (drawn to scale or with dimensions included) mush show the point at which the fireworks/pyrotechnic special effects are to be discharged; the location of ground pieces; the location of all buildings, highways, streets, communication lines and other possible overhead obstructions; and the lines behind which the audience will be restrained. For proximate audience the diagram must also show the fallout radius for each pyrotechnic device used during the display
    • Names and ages of all assistants that will be participating in the display. 
  • Retailers must include:
    • A floor plan of where the fireworks will be displayed
    • An inventory list of fireworks to be sold 


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Questions? Contact

Burnsville Fire Fire Department
Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Doug Nelson
100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, Minn. 55337