Developmental Hockey Ice

Hockey skaters can work on skating skills and drills either individually or through private lessons with an instructor (skaters must provide their own instructors).

School Year Ice Time:  Monday - Friday mornings
Summer Ice Time:      Days and times vary, Please call 952-895-4651 for additional information
Cost:                                $12/skater (Instructors are FREE)


*All coaches must call the main office for availability and present a COVID-19 plan prior to your first ice time
*Face masks must be worn by everyone at all times on and off the ice.
*All skaters must come dressed but can put skates on at the Ice Center.
*Team rooms are available along with other seating areas. A staff person will let you know where to go.


General Policies:

  • All skaters 17  and younger are required to wear full gear. All skaters 18 and older are required to wear a helmet.
  • All skaters must pay before taking the ice.
  • Skaters are required to produce paid receipt as proof of payment for that date or session.
  • Instructors do not have to pay, but instructors are entirely responsible to ensure that each of their skaters has paid each day before taking the ice.
  • Any skater that is on the ice and has not paid, will be assessed a $24 fee or be asked to leave the ice for the day. (No exceptions).
  • Skaters may not take the ice until the Zamboni is off the ice and the gate is shut.

Developmental Hockey Rules:

  • ALL Developmental Hockey players are required to pay and check in at BIC main office before taking the ice.
  • ALL Coaches/Adults are also required to check in as well. No payment is required for Coaches/Adults working with skaters, however they are required to declare how many skaters they have attending. (4 max. on the ice at a time).
  • This program offers skaters an opportunity to work on their skating skills either individually or through private lessons with an instructor. On Ice Adult Supervision is required for all youth 17 and under.
  • Each group is allowed a maximum of 6 skaters and 1 coach per zone.
  • Hockey Nets - Maximum of 2 nets per Goal line / 4 nets per Rink ( No Cross Ice Goals are Allowed)
  • All equipment is required for any skater 17 and younger
  • Helmets are recommended for instructors and any skater 18 and older
  • Open/pick-up hockey is not allowed during Developmental Ice time.
  • When conducting hockey drills, please be considerate of other groups/skaters.
  • Skaters/Coaches deemed to not be considerate of other groups will be asked to leave the ice by Management