Community Builder Award

2021 Community Builder Awards

The recognition is presented each year to individuals, community groups and businesses who – through their volunteer or work life – build a brighter future for Burnsville.

Examples of community building include environmental stewardship, improving neighborhoods, volunteerism, youth leadership, and events and projects that build community pride and spirit.


  • Nominations for the 2021 Community Builder Awards are now closed
  • Awards will be presented during the Oct. 19 Burnsville City Council Meeting

2020 Award Winners

The Burnsville City Council recognized eight community members/organizations with their 2020 “Community Builder Award." In October 2020, awards were presented to:

Amie Burrill, Burnsville Convention and Visitor Bureau: As Executive Director of the Burnsville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Amie does an excellent job of promoting local restaurants and hotels. She welcomes visitors to the city by highlighting all that our community has to offer. Rising to the challenges of this year, Amie created online games and activities using Burnsville locations and amenities to keep people engaged during the stay at home orders. She has partnered with the City and the Chamber for many events and to inform local businesses of COVID-19 assistance options. Her ability to connect with people and organizations is essential to our community strength. Amy Burrill
Emily and Andrew Hayden, Kids 'n Kinship volunteer: Emily and Andrew are making a difference in our community by dedicating their time and energy to supporting youth as volunteer mentors through in the Kids ‘n Kinship program. They get together weekly with their 13-year old mentee, providing encouragement and support in countless ways. Emily and Andrew’s dedication, care and guidance has helped this young man through many difficult times. And it doesn’t stop there. Andrew also coaches high school cross country, and Emily volunteers with the prison ministry as a pen pal coordinator.
The Hayden Family
Jennifer Harmening, Burnsville Chamber of Commerce: Jennifer has been instrumental in helping businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic. As president of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer has shown outstanding leadership and support for our community. She has kept Burnsville businesses informed of stimulus programs, grants, and various other types of assistance. She has orchestrated numerous webinars and online seminars to keep businesses updated on changes and new opportunities. Jennifer’s dedication to our business community has a lasting effect on all of us and is vital to making Burnsville a great place to live, work and play.
Jennifer Harmening
Todd Buchwald, resident: When restaurants were forced to restrict indoor dining as part of the health pandemic, Todd proactively reached out to the Public Works Department with a great idea for offering support. As many restaurants were struggling to create outdoor dining options, picnic tables were difficult and costly to obtain. Todd suggested that we lend City-owned picnic tables to those restaurants. Public Works responded and worked with the Community Development Department to get tables distributed. Todd’s ability to find creative solutions and his willingness to reach out to the City with his idea made a huge difference.Todd Buchwald
Renita Eidenschink, resident: This has been the year of virtual connections and online communities so it is very fitting that we celebrate Renita’s contributions. In 2016, Renita started a Facebook Group called the "Burnsville BeeHive" and serves as the administrator of the page. This group has grown into an online community with over 1,600 members to-date. This is a Burnsville-centric spot where community members share information such as food drives, lost dogs, new businesses, recommendations on services, local events and so much more. As the administrator of the page, Renita does a great job of moderating and sparking conversation with a cross section of the Burnsville community.
Renita Eidenschink
The 30-Days Foundation and Mick Sterling Presents: 

As we were all going a little stir-crazy from limited opportunities for entertainment, the 30-Days Foundation and Mick Sterling Presents stepped in with their Summer Relief Drive-in Concert Series. These summer concerts grew from Friday evenings to full day events. Not only did these concerts offer a safe, fun entertainment option for the Burnsville community, proceeds from the event benefited Good in the Hood and Loaves and Fishes, two Minnesota non-profit organizations that provide meals and services to those in need. Organizing events during the pandemic is no easy task, and they had to navigate attendance restrictions, online tickets, assigned parking spots and social-distance parameters. They did all this and more with great success.

30-Days Foundation and Mick Sterling Presents
Cosco Warehouse, Burnsville: Costco Warehouse reached out to the Burnsville Fire and Police Departments in March, at the beginning of the State of Minnesota quarantine, to offer the departments first chance to purchase extra cases of bottled water, bleach and hand sanitizer prior to public distribution. At that time, these commodities were becoming very limited or often out of stock. Burnsville Fire and Police Departments appreciate Costco Warehouse's assistance with keeping needed supplies on hand to serve and protect the community.Cosco representative receiving city award
Brian Bowman, manager, Home Depot Burnsville: 

The State of Minnesota’s quarantine last spring presented a number of challenges for first responders. A representative from the Burnsville Home Depot store reached out the fire department in mid-March with an offer to donate 80 3M Performance Respirators for firefighters to use as needed. This offer came at a crucial time when respirators were limited or not available. We appreciate Home Depot for their generous donation to keep our personnel safe so that we could continue to serve and protect the community.

Home Depot representative accepting city award