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Communication with Residents

Residents currently do business with the City in person, via mail, by phone, and on the web. We're investing in channels that allow citizens to engage on their own terms – anywhere, anytime.

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Sign up to receive emails or texts on meeting agendas/minutes, press releases, event announcements and more delivered right to your inbox or cell phone.

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Potholes putting a bad bump in your ride? Need to report a property maintenance issue? Submit requests for City service via the Request Tracker tool. Requestors can check the status of requests and be notified upon completion.

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Emergency IconEmergency Notifications

The Dakota Communications Center (DCC) manages a high speed notification system designed to quickly notify the public of emergencies that may affect their health, safety, or welfare. Examples of notification events are hazardous material spills, pandemic outbreaks, or missing persons. All areas of Dakota County are covered by the system.

The system uses the 911 database and other sources for its notification lists, but no one should assume that their information is included. 

You can also sign up to receive emergency text and email notifications from the DCC.

Privacy Policy

Please note that the City of Burnsville does not share information gathered through its sites with third parties for promotional purposes.

The City of Burnsville has the right to reproduce any pictures or videos submitted to the City's social media sites or contests in any of its publications or websites or any other media outlets.