Elizabeth B. Kautz was appointed to the City Council on December 15, 1992. She began serving as Mayor in January 1995 and is presently serving her seventh term.

As Mayor, Elizabeth has focused on restoring safe neighborhoods, economic development, maintaining quality level of community development, balancing the needs of residential and commercial development, preserving our natural environment, infrastructure preservation and improvement, youth initiatives, transportation issues, implementation of the initiative Partnerships for Tomorrow, Heart of the City redevelopment, the Governance Model and balancing revenue and services.

Mayor Kautz recently served as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and represents Burnsville on numerous local, regional, state and national boards.

Mayor Kautz received her Masters Degree in Counseling, Psychology from the Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago, Illinois. She received her undergraduate degree in Theology with a psychology focus from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mayor Kautz founded Growth Dynamics, Inc., in 1988 with a mission to foster continuous improvement within individuals and organizations through heightened awareness of self and the human potential. Her background is in organizational development, business administration, education, training and development, pastoral care ministry, and counseling psychology. She was the Executive Vice President for the Hartford Group, Inc. a real estate development corporation until 2006.


  • Mayor of Burnsville since 1995
  • Trustee/Past President of the United States Conference of Mayors
  • Municipal Legislative Commission
  • Regional Council of Mayors


  • Minnesota Mayor's Association
  • Burnsville Lions Club
  • US Conference of Mayors Board
  • Chairperson for the Council of Regents' - St. Mary's University
  • Greater MSP Board of Directors
  • Local Government Advisory Committee to the EPA Administrator
  • Burnsville Convention & Visitors Bureau Advisory Board and Executive Committee
  • Governor's Workforce Development Council


  • Minnesota Valley Transit Authority Board
  • Burnsville Foundation Board of Directors
  • Dakota Communications Center Board of Directors
  • League of Minnesota Cities Fiscal Futures Committee
  • Met Council Livable Communities Funding Committee
  • Mayors Regional Affordable Housing Task Force
  • Chair, Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Account Fund Advisory Board
  • Metro East Development Partnership
  • Chair of Board of Directors for Community Action Council
  • Burnsville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Chair of Municipal Legislative Commission
  • Chair of Suburban Transit Association
  • Burnsville High School Booster Club
  • Dakota County Leadership Initiative
  • Governor's Council of Early Childhood Care and Development
  • NAFE (National Association Female Executives)
  • Board of Directors for Young Entrepreneurs of Minnesota
  • Dakota County Quality Council
  • School District 191 Administrative Site Council
  • United Way Community Campaign Steering Committee
  • NSP Tax Reform Advisory Board (Utilities Deregulation)