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Tree Contractor Licensing

No person shall conduct as a business the cutting, trimming, pruning, removal, spraying, or treating of trees or shrubs without first having secured a license from the City to conduct such business.


  1. Application for a license can be made at the Maintenance Center.
  2. License fee is $40.00
  3. All licenses issued under the provisions of this Chapter shall expire on December 31 following the date of issue.

No license or renewal shall be granted, nor be effective, until the applicant files with the Forestry Department proof of a public liability insurance policy covering all operations of such applicant under this section for the sum of at least $2,000,000 against liability for bodily injuries to one person from the accident, $2,000,000 for the injury of two or more persons, and for at least $2,000,000 against liability for damage or destruction of property.  The policy shall provide that it may not be cancelled by the insurer except after ten (10) days written notice to the City, and if such insurance is so cancelled and the licensee fails to replace the same with another policy conforming to the provisions of this section, the license shall be automatically suspended until such insurance shall have been replaced.

No license or renewal shall be granted, nor be effective, until the applicant files with the Forestry Department acceptable evidence of compliance with the worker’s compensation insurance coverage requirements by providing the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and date of coverage.

Applicants who propose to use pesticides in any activity related to treatment or disease control of trees shall file with the Forestry Department proof that the applicant or an employee of the applicant administering such treatment has been certified by the State Department of Agriculture as a commercial pesticide applicator.  All boulevard trees that will be chemically treated must be treated by means of spraying or trunk injection (no soil drenching).

All contractors licensed under the provisions of this section must abide by all ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations while operating as a business within the City limits.

At the time a license is issued, the applicant shall be furnished with a license or vehicle decal for each vehicle that will be used on any job site.  License or vehicle decal must be displayed at all times while operating as a business within the City limits.

Failure to comply with any part of the Tree Work License shall be grounds for revocation of the license by the City Council, following a public hearing.  Written notice of the public hearing shall be mailed to the current holder of the license at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing.  The notice shall outline the violation(s) considered by the city to be grounds for revocation and inform the current holder of the license of the opportunity to be heard at the public hearing. Any violation of the Code or provisions of any permit shall be a misdemeanor.

Contractors are required to have at least one employee with ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certification to be licensed beginning January 1, 2013.  The City will be identifying those contractors with ISA certification on the licensed contractor lists that are made available to the public through our offices.

City Code States: “3-20-2: It is unlawful for any peddler, solicitor, or transient merchant to engage in any such activity within the city without first registering with the police department in compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Registration does not exempt compliance with all other applicable local, state, and federal laws. (Ord. 827, 8-20-2001)”

List of Licensed Contractors

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