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Each piece of equipment used in a City of Burnsville adult softball game must be approved by the USSSA Equipment Performance and Safety Standards Committee. The City of Burnsville and its contracted umpires reserve the right to disapprove, remove and/or confiscate any piece of equipment during a game if concerns arise as it relates to the safety or performance of an item.

The Official Bat
Due to the rapidly expanding and advanced technologies of adult softball bat productions, all bats used in City of Burnsville league play must first be approved by the USSSA. 
**BAT RULE - effective spring/summer 2015
As of Jan. 16, 2015, the MN USSSA office is requiring that all bats must have a logo on it like the one found below.  This logo is often referred to as the USSSA "fingerprint".  The old "grandfathered" bats are no longer permitted. 


The Official Ball
All City of Burnsville summer softball teams receive the appropriate number of softballs required for league play at the start of the season. 

    *  The home team (home and visitor in the Open league) must supply one new ball at the umpire/manager meeting. 
    *  Failure to supply this ball before each game may result in a two-run penalty.
    *  For fall league, play teams must supply a new or a used ball in good condition from summer or last fall season. 
    *  New balls can be purchased from the City while supplies last for $4.00 each.

12-inch men's ball model # 4U-536Y: The official ball for men is the Dudley Thunder SY. The ball shall have a yellow cover with the USSSA logo stamped on the cover, a .40 cor and a 325 compression.

11-inch women's ball model # 4U-522Y: The official ball for women is the Dudley Thunder SY. The ball shall have a yellow cover with the USSSA logo stamped on the cover, a .44 cor and a 400 compression.

To view a photo of the ball click here: Dudley Thunder SY Image

You can purchase balls locally at Westwood Sports.

The Uniform
The City of Burnsville does not require teams to wear official uniforms with numbers. If a team chooses not to have an official uniform, please have players wear shirts that are similar in color. Shoes must be worn at all times and the all-purpose molded cleat softball shoe is the primary shoe of choice. Metal cleats or cleats with exposed metal in any way are prohibited.

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