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Weather Cancellations

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All players and fans should know that weather conditions can change dramatically in a short period of time. A team is never “required” to play a game even if the weather line or the umpire has not cancelled the game. If there is a safety concern, players, managers and fans should always choose safety ahead of choosing to stay at the fields. The determination on make-ups, forfeits, etc can be made at a future time.
  • Decisions on the status for the night's games will be made at 4 p.m.. This may include a message that the decision has been delayed until later in the afternoon.
  • You may call the “Burnsville Sports Hot-Line” after 4 p.m. (952-895-4507) for the most current information.
  • If there are no indications that games are canceled, then assume they are on.
  • If conditions change significantly after 4 p.m. be sure to check back with the hotline number prior to departing for your game.
  • If games are called off any time after 4 p.m., every attempt will be made to update the Hot-Line.
  • Teams should be prepared to play rescheduled games on any available night.
  • Once a game has been canceled, the league schedules will be updated online with the new make-up dates, times and locations within 7 days. The exception to this is if only a portion of the night is canceled (i.e. all 9 p.m. games). In that case, make-up information may not be available on the schedule until the second to last week of the season.


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