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Birnamwood Junior Golf Program
Tournament 'Rounds' Out 2016 Junior Golf Program!
The 2016 Junior Golf Program has come to an end. Golfers applied the skills learned and practiced during the program with a fun and competitive tournament. Over 160 participants competed according to grade level.

Tournament Winners
10th Grade Boys  
Zach Owen, first place, 10th grade boys
First Place | Zach Owen
Jordan Klett, second place, 10th grade boys
Second Place | Jordan Klett

9th Grade Boys
Cameron Limberg, first place, 9th grade
First Place | Cameron Limberg
Derek Berg, second place, 9th grade
Second Place | Derek Berg
Andrew Herget, third place, 9th grade
Third Place | Andrew Herget

8th Grade Boys
8th grade winners, Wyatt Isakson, Kade Nielsen and Nathan Cao
      Wyatt Isakson      |     Kade Nielsen      |      Nathan Cao

7th Grade Boys
7th grade winners, Keegan McDevitt, Peter McBride and Connor Magee
Keegan Mc Devitt    |    Peter McBride     |     Connor Magee

7th - 8th Grade Girls
Winners 7th and 8th grade girls

1st Place | Grace Lankes - 2nd Place | Lilly Owen - 3rd Place | Eleanor Peterson  

6th Grade Boys
6th grade winners, Liam Hull, first place, Landon Manning, 2nd place, Jake Carpenter, 3rd place
1st Place | Liam Hull - 2nd Place | Landon Manning - 3rd Place | Jake Carpenter

6th Grade Boys
6th grade winners, Logan Rasmussen 2nd place, Josheph Sher 3rd place
3rd Place | Joseph Sher -  2nd Place | Logan Rasmussen

5th Grade Boys
5th grade winners, Jacob McCoy, Jacob Neutz and Zachary Klempke
Jacob McCoy        |       Jacob Neutz    |    Zachary Klempke

4th Grade Boys
4th Grade Boys_Nicholas Cao_Luke Helm_JakeFaith.jpg
Kale Faith           |           Luke Helm         |         Nicolas Cao 

3rd-4th-5th Grade Girls   
3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls winners
1st Place | Isadora Vohnoutka - 3rd Place | Emily Hull - 2nd Place | Mya Wilson

For more information about the Junior Golf Program contact Dan Hill.

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