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Available Off-Sale Liquor Licenses
  • Off-Sale
  • Off-Sale 3.2 Percent

Off-Sale License:   Application Packet [PDF] - NOTE:  Application file contains forms necessary for all intoxicating liquor; not all forms are necessary for this type of license application)

Listed below are stipulations that control the location availability within Burnsville. Those stipulations are:

  • Off-sale intoxicating liquor licenses shall be issued only to premises on which a freestanding building is located for the sale of such liquor; and
  • No off-sale intoxicating liquor licenses shall be issued for a premise (s) that is within 0.75 mile of another off-sale intoxicating liquor facility.

*The exception is for facilities located within the "Burnsville Center retail area". See map for more detail.

State law allows off-sale liquor license holders to receive a $100 reduction in their licensing fee if they follow certain Best Practices stipulations.  The City has their own Best Practices program, which is different than the ones included in this allowance.  The application form linked above includes the form for this reduction; however, it is not a requirement for holders to utilize the state version. To view just this form, click here.

3.2 Percent Liquor Off-Sale License:  Application Packet [PDF]

  • Off-sale 3.2 Percent Liquor License shall permit the sale of beer at retail in the original package for consumption off the premises only.
  • For 3.2 Off-Sale, an affidavit of sales can be used in lieu of the insurance.
  • NOTE:  No Buyer's Card from the AGED is necessary for 3.2 Percent Liquor.

When There's a Change in Operating Managers for 3.2 Off Sale:

The city requires by code when there is a change in the Operating Manager, Shareholders, or Officers/Directors that appropriate applications forms are completed, a fee paid, and they be approved by City Council.

  • Change in Operating Manager - 3.2 Percent Liquor - (Application)
  • Change in Operating Manager - Intoxicating Liquor - (Application)

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