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Liquor Licensing
The City of Burnsville provides licenses for a variety of liquor sales. Licenses are approved by City Council at a public hearing. City Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays after the first Monday of each month. A public hearing notice is published in the paper two weeks prior to the meeting. This deadline must be met before the item is placed on the agenda.

Available Liquor Licenses
  • On-Sale A & B
  • On-Sale Sunday
  • Off-Sale
  • Wine
  • 3.2 On-Sale
  • 3.2 Off-Sale
  • On-Sale Taproom
  • Brewpub Off-Sale
  • Brewer Off-Sale
  • Temporary 3.2 Percent
  • Temporary On-Sale

Fees & Requirements
The fees for each type of liquor license are available in the 2018 License Fee Schedule. The license period for all liquor licenses runs from July 1 to June 30. Fees are prorated quarterly for new licenses. Minimum processing time for new applications is approximately two months. Liquor licenses are renewed yearly.

NOTE:  All new liquor license applications require a download of the Liquor Ordinance (red-lined version of amendments passed on March 8, 2016) and Best Practices information. All license holders are responsible to turn in a Retailers Buyers Card to the State Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement (AGED) for processing. The City does not have these cards and does not process them. 

All On-Sale A, B, Sunday, Brewpub, Wine and 3.2 On-Sale licenses require closing by 1 a.m.  An applicant may apply for a 2 a.m. license from the State Department of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement (AGED)

License applications (new and renewal) require an investigation, which is a separate fee.

Licenses are not transferable.

An inspection from the Department of Alcohol and Gambling is required for all off-sale and wine licenses. 

Information on liquor licenses is available by contacting Tina Zink, Licensing Specialist.

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