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Burnsville 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update
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State law requires that all cities and counties in the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area adopt a Comprehensive Plan. These plans provide a road map for communities looking 20 years into the future. In May 2016, Burnsville began work on a major update of its existing 2030 Comprehensive Plan to help set the stage for the city’s growth and development into the year 2040.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
Comprehensive Plans identify a community’s long-term vision, goals, policies, strategies and options for guiding future changes and investments. In Burnsville, this plan will address future land use, economic development, transportation, city services/facilities, natural resources, housing, neighborhoods and youth initiatives.

Why is the City Updating Its Comprehensive Plan?
State law requires that Comprehensive Plans be updated at least every 10 years, and align with the Metropolitan Council’s regional system plans related to highways, transit, airports, wastewater services, parks and open space. Burnsville’s last major comprehensive plan update was completed in 2010. The City is required to complete this Comprehensive Plan update, submit it to the Metropolitan Council for review and approval, and adopt it by the end of 2018.

What is the Process?
In general, the process will involve:
  • A full review and evaluation of the current comprehensive plan
  • Identification of specific issues that need updating
  • In-depth exploration of the City’s primary areas of focus
  • Facilitation of community review and input opportunities
  • A comprehensive update of the plan
  • Plan review and adoption by the Burnsville’s Planning Commission and City Council

The City has hired planning consultants Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. to assist with the process. A Review Panel has also been selected to guide the project, which consists of Planning Commissioners and other community members representing residents, businesses, youth, community services and visitors. The process is expected to take 18 months, with anticipated completion in late 2017.

2040 Comprehensive Plan Project Schedule

Focus Areas
The City will be focusing on the following areas in its 2040 Comprehensive Plan update:

  • Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Station Areas
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  Burnsville began work on a major update of its existing 2030 Comprehensive Plan to help set the stage for the city’s growth and development into the year 2040. 
How Can I Get Involved?
Currently, the City and planning consultants are in the review and research stage – collecting data, updating existing plan maps, meeting with stakeholders and making site visits to focus areas. This review and evaluation is expected to last through the summer. The process will then shift to include more public engagement.

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Also, watch for Comprehensive Plan "pop up" opportunities at events this year, and be sure to follow the City on Facebook and Twitter for real-time information.

Advisory Panel Meetings
Next Meeting - Monday, June 19
May 15, 2017:  Advisory Panel Meeting #8 Presentation 
April 17, 2017: Advisory Panel Meeting #7 Presentation 
March 20, 2017: Advisory Panel Meeting #6 Presentation 
Feb. 27, 2017: Advisory Panel Meeting #5 Presentation 
Jan. 30, 2017: Advisory Panel Meeting #4 Presentation 
Nov. 7, 2016: Advisory Panel Meeting #3 Presentation 
Sept. 19, 2016:  Advisory Panel Meeting #2 Presentation 
July 18, 2016:   Advisory Panel Meeting #1 Presentation 

2040 Comprehensive Plan Meeting Schedule & Agendas

Project Consultants
Consultants working on this project include:

  • Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. - Lead firm in charge of planning, design, public involvement, housing, urban design, transit oriented development, GIS and implementation
  • Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. - Transportation planning, water, sanitary sewer, stormwater and parks
  • Emmons & Oliver Resources, Inc. - Sustainability and natural resources
  • Tangible Consulting Services - Market analysis, project economics and development financing needs.

Regina Dean
City Planner

100 Civic Center Parkway
Burnsville, MN 55337

Ph: 952-895-4453
Fax: 952-895-4462

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
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