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Deer Feeding Prohibition Code
6-2-28: Prohibition of Deer Feeding:

(A) Prohibition
No person may place or permit to be placed on the ground, or within five feet (5') of the ground surface any grain, fodder, salt licks, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay or other edible materials (including feed for birds), which may reasonably be expected to intentionally result in deer feeding, unless such items are screened or protected in a manner that prevents deer from feeding on them. Living fruit trees and other live vegetation shall not be considered as deer feeding.

(B) Exceptions
This prohibition shall not apply to:
  • Veterinarians, city animal control officers or county, state or federal game officials who are in the course of their duties, have deer in custody or under their management;
  • Persons authorized by the City of Burnsville to implement the Deer Management Program approved by the City Council; or
  • Any food placed upon the property for purposes of trapping or otherwise taking deer where such trapping or taking is pursuant to a permit issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

(C) Penalty
First violation of this section shall result in a written warning from City staff. Subsequent violations shall be a petty misdemeanor.

(D) Effective Date
This section shall be effective upon adoption. (Ord. 828, 9-17-2001)

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