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Deer Management Program
In This Section
The Deer Management Program of the City of Burnsville contains helpful information regarding deer and the way the City handles their presence within City borders. Please refer to the links on the left for the information contained in this section.

Park Closures For Deer Management 

All deer management activities have been completed for winter 2016-2017

The goal of this program is to:

    - Manage the deer population at socially acceptable levels
    - Maintain the health of Burnsville's woodland habitat
    - Maintain the health of our deer herd

The program is intended to address the following concerns associated with high deer populations:
    1. Protect the biological integrity of our natural areas.  Over browsing by deer harms our natural woodlands.  
    2. Improve public safety.  An average of 50 deer/car collisions are reported annually in Burnsville. 
    3. Protect residential landscapes.  More and more residents are experiencing problems with damage to their yards 
        and gardens from deer. 
    4. Maintain the long term health of the deer herd.  Left unchecked, the size of the herd will increase to levels that 
        cannot be supported naturally.  

The Burnsville Deer Management program has a number of components, including education, monitoring, ordinance revisions and population control.  For a full overview on Burnsville's deer management program, please click


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