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Letter to Landowners
Dear Landowner:

You may be aware that the Burnsville City Council has changed the City’s Firearms Ordinance to allow persons to shoot bow and arrows on private property as long as you are at least 200 feet from the adjoining property line.

The ordinance states that bow and arrow may be used “by any person shooting a bow and pointed-tip arrows who is the private landowner or with written private landowner approval on their person; provided, however, no arrow passes beyond the boundaries of that property; and provided further that the shooting occurs at least two hundred feet (200’) from any land or building not owned by that landowner and that no one is endangered”.

Archery Deer Hunting within the City Limits
This ordinance was changed to allow greater opportunity for archery deer hunting within the city limits. It does NOT allow for shooting or hunting of any type other than with bow and arrow. The City of Burnsville has gone through an extensive deer management planning process to attempt to deal with the large number of deer within the city. One recommended component of this plan was to allow archery hunting where it is safe to do so. Our records indicate your property in Burnsville may be large enough to accommodate archery hunting.

Be Aware of the Change
Obviously, you are under no obligation to hunt, or, to allow hunting on your land. The purpose of this notification is to make you aware of the change and if you choose to hunt, encourage you to do so in a safe, ethical and considerate manner. Please find enclosed an information sheet entitled “Being a Responsible Urban Bowhunter”. We encourage you to review the information and pass it on to others you may allow to hunt on your land.

Caleb Ashling

13713 Frontier Lane
Burnsville, MN 55337

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