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Department History
Formation of the Department
Formed in 1964, the Burnsville Police Department was founded on a vision of progressive law enforcement principles.

Selection Criteria
Standards for selection criteria were unparalleled. People were sought who were willing to develop a new breed—Police Officers who believed in pursuing professional growth through education—people who wished to change the image of the police!

Initial Staffing
Initial staffing consisted of:
  • The Police Chief
  • A lieutenant
  • A sergeant
  • Seven officers
  • A department secretary

By mid-1965, Burnsville’s first Police Department was in full operation.

Policing Orientation
The department’s policing orientation focuses on service and a strong commitment to helping people. As a measure of achieving this goal, personnel believe they succeed in our mission if those seeking assistance are left with the impression of being helped. This method of measuring effectiveness has been engrained into the value system of the department.

Awarded Accredited Status
In 1991 the Burnsville Police Department was awarded accredited status by the Commission on Accrediation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. This achievement placed our department in the top three percent of all police agencies in the United States. Reaccreditation was obtained through 2005 at which time the department voluntarily opted out of the program; however, the process to review and assess our policies and procedures continues to be maintained.

Our department has grown considerably over the years to nearly 100 civilian and sworn employees.

Patrol & Investigation Units

Our Patrol and Investigation Units are combined to form an:
  • Operations Division
    • K-9
    • Retail
    • Youth Relations
    • Community Resources

Services Division
Our Services Division provides a Records Unit and 24-hour Communications Center. We are proud to embrace the philosophy of community-oriented policing and problem solving, and make every effort to build partnerships in the community to meet the needs of our citizens.

Our mission — Working together to make a difference through excellence in policing — is further defined as follows:

Working together …
  • Committed to helping people through partnerships and relationships with City staff, community members and organizations.
  • Willing to meet the needs of the people we work with and provide services for.

Make a difference …

  • Dedicated to preventing crime and apprehending offenders.
  • Public service – having a positive effect on the lives of citizens as well as co-workers.

Excellence in policing …

  • Respect the dignity of all people and guarantee their Constitutional rights.
  • Continually maintaining a reputation of being industry leaders.
  • Committed to personal growth through education, innovation and fitness.

Continuous Growth
The community and department continue to grow, affording numerous challenges and exciting opportunities. Burnsville is a community where people's safety is provided for today as well as planned for tomorrow.

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