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Aquatic Plants
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Mechanical harvest of aquatic plants often requires a permit.
Federal, State and local regulations may restrict the removal or manipulation of aquatic plants within and along the edges of water bodies. Listed below are the regulations that most often apply to City residents with wetland, pond or lake property.

State Regulations

Within incorporated areas in Minnesota such as the City of Burnsville, any wetland, pond or lake of 2.5 acres or more in surface area is designated as a "Public Water" by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The management of aquatic plants is restricted within Public Waters. 

To learn more, check out these topics on the Minnesota DNR website:

For questions about aquatic plant management permit requirements contact the DNR Aquatic Plant Management Permitting Staff in the Central Region: Phone (651) 259-5779 or (651) 259-5816.

City Regulations

 The City of Burnsville has established ordinances to protect aquatic plants on certain types of water bodies. For a summary, see Wetland & Shoreland Protection Ordinances.

Other Resources

Aquatic Plant Identification

Aquatic Plants (DNR)
A Guide to Aquatic Plants (DNR)
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 (PDF file)

Mechanical Harvest Permits from the DNR
Burnsville residents interested in the mechanical control (cutting) of aquatic plants should find out first if they need a permit. Information is summarized in this document: Do I Need a DNR Permit for Mechanical Harvest of Aquatic Plants?.

How long is your shoreline?

The Dakota County online GIS map provides property information, plat documents, measuring tools, and more. The distance tool can help you determine your shoreline length. For your convenience, here are instructions on how to use this online map for determining shoreline length.

Businesses that offer Aquatic Plant Management Services
Multiple companies in the Metro Area offer services such as mechanical harvest, hand-pulling of rooted aquatic plants, herbicide control and more. Make sure that any company you hire is appropriately licensed as needed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for activities such as aquatic pesticide application or mechanical control.

Visit the DNR Aquatic Plant Management Program website for permit information, a list of companies approved to sell aquatic herbicides, a list of companies approved to mechanically control aquatic plants, and more. 

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