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2016 Winners
2016 Junior Golf Program Tournament Winners
Golfers applied the skills learned and practiced during the program with a fun and competitive tournament. Over 160 participants competed according to grade level.

Tournament Winners
10th Grade Boys  
Zach Owen, first place, 10th grade boys
First Place | Zach Owen
Jordan Klett, second place, 10th grade boys
Second Place | Jordan Klett

9th Grade Boys
Cameron Limberg, first place, 9th grade
First Place | Cameron Limberg
Derek Berg, second place, 9th grade
Second Place | Derek Berg
Andrew Herget, third place, 9th grade
Third Place | Andrew Herget

8th Grade Boys
8th grade winners, Wyatt Isakson, Kade Nielsen and Nathan Cao
      Wyatt Isakson      |     Kade Nielsen      |      Nathan Cao

7th Grade Boys
7th grade winners, Keegan McDevitt, Peter McBride and Connor Magee
Keegan Mc Devitt    |    Peter McBride     |     Connor Magee

7th - 8th Grade Girls
Winners 7th and 8th grade girls

1st Place | Grace Lankes - 2nd Place | Lilly Owen - 3rd Place | Eleanor Peterson  

6th Grade Boys
6th grade winners, Liam Hull, first place, Landon Manning, 2nd place, Jake Carpenter, 3rd place
1st Place | Liam Hull - 2nd Place | Landon Manning - 3rd Place | Jake Carpenter

6th Grade Boys
6th grade winners, Logan Rasmussen 2nd place, Josheph Sher 3rd place
3rd Place | Joseph Sher -  2nd Place | Logan Rasmussen

5th Grade Boys
5th grade winners, Jacob McCoy, Jacob Neutz and Zachary Klempke
Jacob McCoy        |       Jacob Neutz    |    Zachary Klempke

4th Grade Boys
4th Grade Boys_Nicholas Cao_Luke Helm_JakeFaith.jpg
Kale Faith           |           Luke Helm         |         Nicolas Cao 

3rd-4th-5th Grade Girls   
3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls winners
1st Place | Isadora Vohnoutka - 3rd Place | Emily Hull - 2nd Place | Mya Wilson

For more information about the Junior Golf Program contact Dan Hill.

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