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Installation/Replacement Information
Residents or businesses will receive a postcard notification from the City or its contractor, Utiliuse, at least 30 days before installers will be in their neighborhood. The postcard will include instructions on how to schedule meter replacement. Installers may ask to schedule an appointment door-to-door or via a doorhanger left at the building.

What to Expect
If you live in a single-family home, own a business or are otherwise responsible for the water meter in your living unit – it WILL be replaced sometime over the next two years.
  • Because water meters in Burnsville are indoors, installers will need access to the home or business
  • All installers will have completed training and background checks
  • Installers will  have City-issued IDs and will drive marked vehicles
  • An adult will need to be present during the appointment, which will take approximately 30-45 minutes
  • Water services will be briefly interrupted

When Will My Meter be Replaced? 
The City is still working with installers to map out the areas and approximate dates for each area in Burnsville. You will get a postcard in the mail approximately 15-30 days before installers will be in your neighborhood with instructions on how to schedule your appointment. 

Can I Make an Appointment Now, Even if Installers are Not In My Neighborhood?
Unfortunately, no. The City intends to work with all residents and businesses to schedule appointments for a date/time that works best for them. 

However, the City will be receiving different meter sizes at different points throughout the project. Scheduling an appointment allows the City to coordinate its orders and stock the meter types and sizes needed in specific areas. Because the City cannot store all 16,700+ meters at one time, we cannot guarantee your meter size/type will be available. 

What If I'm Not Home When Installers are Ready to Replace My Meter?
Installers will do their best to schedule your appointment for a date and time that works best for you. There will be a limited number of evening and weekend appointments, so please call right away when you get your postcard to schedule your appointment

If you are unable to be available for the appointment, please consider whether an adult family member or trusted individual (friend, neighbor) could be at your house to let the installer in and perform the change out. Other cities have indicated that this strategy works well, especially for those who travel frequently and for long durations.

Find out more in this "Frequently Asked Questions" document regarding meter replacement.

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