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No. 2: Police Training, Conference & Office
Improvement No. 2:
Redesign of Police Training, Conference and Office Space

The City Hall/Police Department building currently lacks adequate training, interview and conference room space for police operations. Police personnel are situated where space is available. In the patrol division, 47 officers share six workstations.

The renovation would include expansion of training room space dedicated to public safety personnel, as well as conference room and interview space with security to improve operational efficiency and enhance public safety.

Co-locating personnel based on assignment improves workflow and operational efficiency. Expanding workspace to reduce the number of personnel sharing workstations improves operational efficiency and allows for application of the City’s adopted space standards, which align with industry standards and space needed to effectively perform duties.

This addresses:
  • Public Safety
  • Operational Efficiency

Current Police Training, Conference & Office Space Examples
 Police Meeting Room Police Office 1  Police Office 2  Police Office 3 

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