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2015 Officer of the Year
Bryan C. Bye
Detective Bryan Bye has been a valued member of the Burnsville Police Department since 2002. Over the last 14 years, he has demonstrated excellence through his assignments as a community service officer, patrol officer, Crisis Intervention Team member, Emergency Action Group (EAG) tactical team member and investigator.

His proven track record as an officer and detective, along with his work ethic, positive attitude, leadership skills and the high respect he commands from his peers have helped Bye stand out as 2015 Officer of the Year.

Bye has spent more than a decade providing exceptional service and dedication to the City of Burnsville, its residents and businesses. Through his constant interaction within the community, he has developed strong partnerships by treating people with respect, honesty, integrity and dignity.

Bye is a nine-year member of Burnsville’s EAG tactical team, and continues to be a valuable asset serving as a leader, trainer, operations planner and “first-through-the-door” responder. He has earned five “Distinguished Service Awards” for his tactical response. 

Most notable was a July 2015 response to a barricaded subject with guns. The subject made terroristic threats to his ex-wife and ex-employer -- all while standing on his deck holding a shotgun and shouting “locked and loaded” and “I will protect my property and myself." Bye was part of a rapid react team assigned to the house. Seconds after gas was deployed into the house, the subject began shooting out of his window, where Bye and other members of the tactical team maintained professionalism while literally ‘under fire’.

As a detective, Bye has worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to arrest felony suspects. His tactical training and experience bring new skills to an already talented team. With his knowledge, he is able to guide members of Burnsville’s Investigation Unit by training in warrants, breaching doors/windows and safe team tactics.

In June, Bye worked with Eden Prairie Police and the ATF on a known burglary suspect. GPS tracking on the suspect’s vehicle connected the individual to several Burnsville burglaries. The suspect was known to have a violent history, and was linked to 43 burglaries and 21 stolen weapons in the previous 18 months. After a federal warrant was issued, investigators kept the house under surveillance - and Bye wrote the search warrant. With the assistance of Burnsville’s EAG tactical team and K9s, the suspect was taken into custody without incident and is facing a minimum 15-year prison sentence. 

Bye takes great pride in in being an officer for the City of Burnsville and is always scanning his radio to assist patrol units when needed. While monitoring radio traffic in the fall of 2015, he was notified of a fight in progress involving 30 to 40 people, with weapons. Bye quickly responded to the scene to assist his fellow officers, help bring the situation under control, and coordinate a response to start the formal investigation of the incident.

Equally impressive is Bye’s participation in community-building efforts such as the Department’s “Behind the Badge” workshops and newest distracted driving awareness initiative “It Can Wait.”

Detective Bye takes great pride in in being an officer, and serves the department well by adhering to the core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage, Excellence and Knowledge. For these reasons, Detective Bryan C. Bye is Burnsville’s 2015 Police Officer of the Year.

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