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New Updates

August 23, 2016

The contractor is planning to stripe the pavement the pavement today and have the project opened up to the general public later this week.  There will still be construction vehicles in the area, but once the barricades are removed, the public may use the roundabout.  Thank you for your patience during the construction of the project.

July 29, 2016

The project is graded and the surface has been paved.  Also, streetlights were installed this week.  Next week, concrete is expected to be poured around the inside of the roundabout and medians and sidewalk.  The project remains on schedule for a mid-August opening. 

July 22, 2016

The contractor completed most of the concrete curb work on Portland Avenue including for the roundabout this week.  They plan on grading the gravel area of the roadway and complete the lower lifts of pavement next week.  The project remains on schedule for a mid-August opening. 

July 8, 2016

The contractor has opened both eastbound TH 13 through lanes and one left turn lane onto northbound Portland Avenue during this week.  The other turn lane is expected to be open in the next couple of weeks.  The Contractor has made great progress on the roundabout portion of the work on Portland Avenue.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, there won't be much work on that section of the project next week, but we expect great progress to be made starting first thing the following week all the way through the opening of Portland Avenue.  They are still on schedule to have the whole project area open by mid-August.

June 30, 2016

The contractor plans on paving the lower lifts of asphalt pavement on the TH 13 turn lane tomorrow and then opening up both westbound travel lanes for the weekend.  The eastbound restrictions will remain in place over the weekend.  The contractor plans on completing the rest of the work on the turn lane the week following July 4th and opening up all lanes on TH 13 at the end of that week (July 8th) if all goes well.

Work continues on Portland Avenue as well.  The project remains on schedule to be complete by mid-August.

June 17, 2016

The contractor has gotten off to a good start on the project with setting up of the traffic control and completing most of the removals of the existing roadway features that were scheduled for removal. On the TH 13 turn lane project, they have started grading the median area for the new turn lane and have started the signal system modifications at Portland Ave and TH 13. On the Roundabout part of the project, similar grading work has begun as well.

Next week, the primary activities will include continued grading and underground utility work in both areas as well as a sanitary sewer extension in the roundabout area. Construction of new curb and gutter will follow in the TH 13 turn lane area as well as continued work on the signal system. We are hopeful the turn lane work will be completed in early July and the roundabout work on Portland Avenue will be completed in early August.

May 13, 2016

The City of Burnsville has awarded a contract to Hardrives, Inc. to complete the Trunk Highway 13 Left Turn Lane and the Roundabout on Portland Avenue.  They have submitted a schedule which indicates that both the left turn lane on TH 13 and the roundabout on Portland Avenue project areas will both begin on June 13.  We are hopeful the turn lane will be completed in about a month and the roundabout in two months from the beginning date.

When work starts, it will result in the existing left turn lane on TH 13 being closed prohibiting eastbound TH 13 traffic from turning left onto Portland Avenue during construction.  Portland Avenue will also be closed from the frontage road up to just north of the Burnsville High School property.  Portland Avenue from Cliff Road south to the northerly Burnsville High School property will remain open.  Westbound TH 13 traffic will be able to turn north onto Portland Avenue up to the frontage road for access to the businesses there.

December 30, 2015

The City of Burnsville is proposing to make street improvements to Portland Avenue adjacent to Burnsville High School, including the installation of a roundabout, in the summer of 2016. A property owner meeting was held in October, 2015 to review the proposed layout.  A copy of the property owner meeting notice and map of the project area can be viewed by clicking the links below:
Portland Avenue Roundabout Business Owner Meeting Notice

Portland Avenue Roundabout Street Reconstruction Map

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