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Visit a City Natural Area
Habitat Restoration with Native Plants

A great way to learn about native plants is by visiting natural habitats. Several parks within the City of Burnsville are managed to support native plant species. Management methods used include controlling invasive plants, conducting prescribed burns, and mowing vegetation in specific ways.  The following list includes some of the better parks in Burnsville that show different habit types.  For directions to these parks, visit the Parks Index.

The habitat managed areas below took several years to develop after being planted.  To get an idea of how one of these areas looked during the first few years after planting, take a look at this example.

PRAIRIE Alimag prairie_Andropogon gerardi_thumb.jpg

Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve (many acres of prairie and prairie demonstration garden at parking lot)

Alimagnet Park (along park entrance road and County Rd 11)

Terrace Oaks Park (at west entrance parking lot on County Road 11, located just north of parking lot)

Civic Center Prairie (at Civic Center Parkway and Nicollet Avenue)

OAK SAVANNA Terrace Oaks savanna_thumb.jpg

Kelleher Park

Terrace Oaks Park (at west entrance parking lot on County Road 11, located north of parking lot)

WOODLAND Woodland at Terrace Oaks__thumb.jpg

Alimagnet Park (large scale buckthorn removal in 2010)

Kelleher Park (large scale buckthorn removal in 2009)

WETLAND Kraemer wetlands_thumb.jpg

Cliff Fen Park (wood chip trail starts at western side of parking lot)

Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve

Video: Controlled Burns and Habitat Management

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