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Firefighter/Paramedic Training

The Training Division of the Burnsville Fire Department encompasses many facets of education.

Recruit Training

To be hired on the Burnsville Fire Department, all applicants must be current with their National Registry Certification as a paramedic, have current Minnesota or I.F.S.A.C Accredited Firefighter II Certification, currently be certified or eligible for certification as a paramedic in Minnesota, have a valid Minnesota Driver's License or be eligible to be licensed in the State of Minnesota. In addition, the must also have successfully completed a Hazardous Materials Responder - Operational Level Class such as  NIMS IS 100, 200, 700. 

Upon being hired, the training division oversees all aspects of the field training process.

Field Training

The first phase of new employee training involves six weeks of review of basic firefighter skills, including hands on, classroom, and live fire training.

In the second phase, new employees work on shift with a Field Training Officer (FTO) and complete further firefighter training evolutions, equivalent to Firefighter II, and an evaluation of paramedic skills. This phase is generally 12 weeks long.

Following the second phase, a new employee is released to full unrestricted duty and is able to work on shift, on the engine, and as a regular member of the team.

Ongoing Education

Even though new employees go through intensive training, the training doesn't stop there. All firefighters undergo continued training throughout their careers. Firefighting requires teamwork and cooperation in perilous situations. Firefighters must be ready to perform at any given moment. To keep skills fresh, the training division coordinates several training activities for all shifts, including:

  • Annual completion of nine NFPA 1410 engine and truck company evolutions
  • Four annual live burns
  • Quarterly Dakota County continuing medical education
  • Bi-monthly Burnsville Fire Department medical in-services
  • Bi-annual specialty certifications for Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Trauma Life Support
  • Annual training on operations level of high/low angle rescue, water/ice rescue, confined space/trench and vehicle/machinery rescue

ABLE Training Center

The Apple Valley, Burnsville, Lakeville, Eagan (ABLE) Training Center is located in Burnsville near the intersection of Cliff Road and River Ridge Boulevard.

The original joint agency facility was built in 1988.  In 2013, the facility was rebuilt and is the site of live burn training, other training drills, recruits physical agility tests and other events.

Promotions/Professional Development

Firefighter/Paramedics at Burnsville often work hard to be able to be promoted to other positions and learn new job skills. The training division coordinates outside training for firefighter/paramedics, such as enrollment at the National Fire Academy or state schools.

Additionally, the training division oversees competency in driving and pumping skills for all firefighter/paramedics, which enables them to fill in for the full-time Fire Motor Operators (FMO). Firefighter/Paramedics study hard to learn FMO and supervisory skills, which cumulates in bi-annual testing for the promotion of Captain and FMO.

Training is an essential part of the fire service. The training division ensures that all firefighters remain proficient in their job roles. This training may be sitting in a classroom session or diving into a hole in a frozen lake. Whatever the task, firefighter/paramedics learn and train to better serve the people of Burnsville. 

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