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What Class to Take
Thank You For Considering the Burnsville Ice Center's Learn to Skate Program.

What class should my skater sign up for?

If your skater is 3 years old
You may sign up for a P.A.L.S class. Skaters must be at least 4 years old to be in classes on their own.

If your skater has never skated before and is 4 years old
You may sign up for a P.A.L.S., Beginners or Hockey Tracks 1 class.

If your skater can skate
You may sign up for a P.A.L.S., Beginners, Hockey Tracks 1 class or the class listed on their last test sheet (if lessons were taken at the Burnsville Ice Center). You may also call the rink at 952-895-4657 for an assessment of the skater.

If you are 18 years old or older
You may sign up for the adult class or any class that is appropriate for your level.

If your skater has taken lessons at another rink
Call the Burnsville Ice Center at 952-895-4657 and we will try to assess the skater over the phone so they are placed in the correct class. We may also schedule a time to assess them on the ice if necessary.

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