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Oriental Bittersweet
Infestation Winona 2012b - resize.jpgOriental Bittersweet, originally from Asia, is an invasive vine that can take over natural areas. The vine can smother and break off large tree branches. It also can kill trees by wrapping around trunks and girdling them. Because of the vine’s threat to the environment, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has added it to the state’s list of noxious weeds, with requirements to eradicate the plant where it’s found. There is a similar native species (American Bittersweet) which is not invasive so careful identification is needed.

Early detection and conrol of invasive species like Oriental Bittersweet can greatly reduce their long term impact. If you find Oriental Bittersweet on your property, save yourself a long term headache and start controlling it as soon as possible. For more information on control options, see the links at the bottom of the page.

Bittersweet Vine - cropresize.jpgPlease report any sightings of this species in the Burnsville area. By reporting your sightings, you can help local and state agencies track where Oriental Bittersweet is spreading. To report an infestation on private property, please call the MDA's "Arrest the Pest" line at 1-888-545-6684. You can also report online at

To report a sighting on City property, please call 952-895-4543 or email. If possible, please send any photos that were taken of the bittersweet and provide a detailed description of the location.

Fruit_Capsules - resize_thumb.jpg
A key difference between American Bittersweet and Oriental Bittersweet are the color of the mature capsules (seed coverings).  American Bittersweet (on left) is native and has orange capsules surrounding red fruits.  Oriental Bittersweet (on right) is invasive and has yellow capsules.

The following links are a great resource for more information on Oriental Bittersweet:

Oriental Bittersweet brochure (pdf)

Minnesota DNR Oriental Bittersweet web page

Map of Oriental Bittersweet infestations


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