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Mayor & Council Ends and Outcomes


People find BURNSVILLE an attractive, well-balanced city of residences and businesses, which through a combination of amenities and public/private partnerships, provides a wide range of opportunities for citizens to live, work, learn and play, for a reasonable investment.


End Statement:

People find Burnsville a safe community, participate in Homeland Security, and are willing to prevent fire and crime.


1.       People have an overall feeling of safety.

a.      Neighborhood Watch groups are provided improved training, networking and organizational opportunities.

2.       Customers and employees feel safe in a shopping environment.

a.      Licensing and regulation of businesses provides safe and healthy environments for residents and visitors that meet community expectations.

3.       People feel safe using the parks.

4.       People trust in public safety response and service rendered.

a.      Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will reach 80 percent of the emergency calls in nine minutes or less (inclusive of dispatch processing, turnout, and travel times).

b.      Fire and EMS Services are provided in the most cost effective manner, through partnerships with surrounding communities when necessary.  

c.       Fire and EMS Services are reliably provided to the community.

5.       Residents, including youth, are active participants in community safety.

a.      People are proactive in reporting suspicious/unusual activity.

b.      People are aware of and adhere to safe driving practices.

c.       Residents participate in public safety “force multiplier” activities such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and the Mobile Volunteer Network (MVN).

d.      Public safety works with community partners to proactively address drug-related crimes with an emphasis on heroin and methamphetamine use.

6.       Pedestrian safety is preserved and enhanced through engineering, enforcement, and education.

COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT                                                                                                     

End Statement:

Community members are actively engaged and have access to quality parks, facilities, programs and services that meet the changing needs of the community and create positive experiences for all.


1.       Burnsville is a preferred community with a great quality of life.

2.       City parks and recreational facilities offer a variety of events and activities throughout the year to build community and stimulate economic activity for local businesses.

        a. Residents participate in a wide variety of physical and artistic activities.

        b. A coordinated media plan effectively promotes community-wide involvement in health building                                  activities.

3.       Youth find Burnsville a nurturing and supportive community.

a. Youth are involved in community decisions including active participation on City Boards and                                                                                Commissions wherever possible.

b. Youth are aware of community activities, programs, facilities and support systems.

c. The City is an active partner in the development / redevelopment of an after-school youth program                         addressing academic, social development, recreation and nutritional needs of the City’s youth from                            elementary to high school ages.

4.       Community partnerships have significant impact on reducing or even eliminating youth tobacco and alcohol use.

5.       Community members have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of programs, community service and facilities that are built on strong, sustainable partnerships.

6.       As an organization, the City practices a philosophy that encourages employees to learn from, build relationships with and facilitate the participation of residents in identifying needs, addressing challenges, and affecting change in their community by:

a. Making meaningful connections with diverse populations in the City through active community                                             partnerships, including participation in the community’s celebrations.

7.       The City fosters community partnerships to provide targeted services and facilities to community members of all ages.

8.       People are aware of the volunteer opportunities available in our community and volunteers are recognized for the services they provide.


End Statement:

People feel connected to their neighborhoods.


1.       People have pride and ownership in their neighborhoods.

a.      The City implements plans and strategies to collaboratively advance the viability of residential neighborhoods.

b.      The City proactively canvasses neighborhoods checking for property maintenance compliance to maintain and/or enhance housing stock and property values.

2.       People know and care about their neighbors and participate in solving problems and creating celebrations in their neighborhoods.

a.      Public recognition is given to neighborhoods solving problems and creating celebrations in their neighborhood.

3.       Neighborhoods are enjoyable, safe and stable places to live, work, and recreate.

4.       People feel Burnsville has quality housing by:

a.      Having a diverse mix of housing types throughout the City, including amenity rich multi-family development.

b.      Promoting and encouraging the upgrade, enhancement and maintenance of existing housing stock.

c.       Partnering with organizations to achieve affordable home ownership.

d.      Through rental licensing initiatives including engagement of community and agency partnerships to improve quality of life and enhance health and safety in rental housing.


End Statement:

People find Burnsville a balanced city of residential and business development enhanced by redevelopment.


1.       Job creation, retention and an enhanced tax base are assured by growth, redevelopment and sustained viability of commercial and industrial property.

2.       Economic development and redevelopment initiatives are implemented, including creating and capturing opportunities, partnering with private property owners and other agencies and engaging the public. Specific initiatives include:

a.      Heart of the City

b.      Minnesota River Quadrant

                                      i.      Public Infrastructure

                                    ii.      Removing impediments to development, including but not limited to poor foundation soils, and providing other development assistance including Tax Increment Financing and other tools

                                  iii.      Fostering appropriate interim uses until the time the landfill and quarry operations are complete

                                   iv.      Periodic reviews of the Kraemer Mining and Material, Inc. (KMM) and Waste Management Inc. Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreements

c.       County Road 42 Commercial Corridor Viability 

d.      Monuments at Key City Entrances

e.    Promotion of skilled workforce initiatives 

    i.      Encourage post-secondary education for students and training options for residents to ensure a skilled workforce

3.       Specific development or redevelopment assistance will provide for business and residential projects consistent with established policies.


End Statement:

People find Burnsville is an environmentally sensitive community ensuring preservation and enhancement of its natural resources.


1.       Burnsville is an environmentally sensitive community and individuals understand their role in pursuing this result.

2.       Development and redevelopment occurs in an environmentally sensitive manner, preserving and restoring natural resources.

3.       The City encourages business to employ best practices for sustainability and climate resiliency.

4.       People find Burnsville to be an attractive, clean city and are willing to keep it that way.

5.       Residents value all bodies of water and green spaces and recognize the importance of preserving them.

6.       The City maintains critical raw water sources and infrastructure necessary for the delivery of safe drinking water.

7.       The City employs feasible sustainable practices that promote development and maintain or enhance economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural environment upon which people and economies depend.


End Statement:

People find Burnsville a community with an effective, multi-modal transportation system connecting people and goods with destination points.


1.       People feel that the transportation system is effective for connecting them to destination points.

a.      Advocate for collaborative efforts and shared resources for intra-city transit services.

2.       People feel that multiple methods of transportation are easily available, safe and convenient.

a.      Support implementation of Bus Rapid Transit in the I-35W Corridor

3.       People feel that the community roadway system is well maintained at a reasonable cost.

a.      Leverage alternative Local, State, and Federal funding options for planned capital improvements.

b.      Define community quality standards for residential and heavier volume streets and adequately fund the maintenance required to achieve these standards

4.       Transportation system adequately serves city businesses.

a.      Advocate adequate access from County, State and Federal roadways to ensure a viable business community.

b.      Efforts will be made to obtain funding for significant safety and mobility improvements on TH 13.

5.       The safety, longevity and quality of residential neighborhood streets are maintained, improved or enhanced.

6.       Seek and support new initiatives for transportation funding by MnDOT and Dakota County when City and County businesses are not disadvantaged. 


End Statement:

People find the City of Burnsville delivers quality essential services in a cost effective, timely manner.


1.       Residents and businesses recognize City services as a positive value.

2.       Residents perceive City employees as customer service oriented.

3.       City Services focus on and City employees are increasingly involved in community building.

4.       Residents are informed about issues, feel positive about City services and are aware of opportunities for increased involvement in community initiatives.

5.       Businesses and residents are attracted to Burnsville because of a visible commitment to technology that supports an enhanced quality of life.

a.      Burnsville facilitates community-wide accessibility to broadband technology.

b.      Burnsville provides effective community-wide electronic-government (E-Gov.) services.

c.       Burnsville provides and supports local Public, Education and Government (PEG) television programming.

6.       Burnsville is an organization that provides a supportive and collaborative environment encouraging employee learning and participation in the decision-making process.

7.       Continued implementation of service consolidations and partnerships with Dakota County and other cities.

8.     Burnsville strives to promote and support diversity and inclusion.


End Statement:

People find the City of Burnsville managed in a cost-effective responsible manner, maintaining the highest standards of service to enhance the community's quality of life for a reasonable investment.


1.       Residents perceive the cost of City services as reasonable compared with other cities.

2.       Grant opportunities are pursued to identify innovative solutions that will assist in the reduction of costs to provide service to the community.

3.       Burnsville follows a consistent compensation philosophy which guides compensation and benefit decisions for employees.

Adopted 02/06/2018

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