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Form of Government
Burnsville's Form of Government
Minnesota has two basic types of cities: those operating under the Statutory City Code and those operating under local charter. Burnsville is a Statutory Plan B city.

Mayor & City Council
Under Plan B, the elected City Council consists of a mayor and four council members. All policy and legislative decisions are the responsibility of the council. The council delegates the administrative duties to a City Manager.

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the council and reports to the council. The manager is responsible for effective administration of city business in accordance with council decisions and management of city staff.

Law Prohibitions
The law prohibits the council as a whole or any of the individual members from interfering with hiring of staff or managing city staff that are subordinate to the City Manager. Instead the council must make requests of staff through the City Manager.

Annual Budget
One of the most important provisions of Plan B is that the City Manager must prepare estimates for an annual budget and submit them to the council for approval.

The main purpose of a budget is to collect data on the anticipated revenues and expenses of the city for the coming year, and to allow for comprehensive fiscal planning.

Once the council has approved the budget, the City Manager may not violate or change it without council consent.

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