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Top Ten Code Violations
Keeping Burnsville a clean and attractive place to live takes every resident's effort. Make sure your property is in compliance with these "Top 10" reported violations of City Ordinances.

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Top Ten Code Violations:

- Resident's and bussiness owners must keep lawns mowed and maintained at a height no greater than eight (8) inches. (4-8-3-2)

Vehicles - All parked vehicles must be currently licensed, operable and parked only on the approved driveway surface of concrete, asphalt or pavers, or stored in the garage. (10-7-26) see Off Street Parking

Recreational Vehicles - Recreational Vehicles (motor homes, boats and trailers, utility trailer, etc.) may be stored on the property, but must meet the criteria of this section. (6-10-4) see RV & Trailer Parking

Rubbish - Rubbish, including brush and yard clippings, is not allowed to accumulate on the property. Placing leaves or grass in the street is also prohibited. (7-1-2) see Rubbish & Garbage

Trash Containers - Trash and recycling containers may be stored outside if screened from view. (4-8-3-5) see Rubbish & Garbage

Maintenance - All structures, including fences, sheds and retaining walls, must be in good condition. Peeling paint must be removed and surfaces refinished. (4-8-3-3) see Exterior Property & Structure Maintenance and Fence Requirements

Home Based Businesses - Home-based businesses are allowed, but the exterior parking of trailers or equipment associated with the business is not allowed. (10-12a-2) see Home Based Business

Exterior Storage - Exterior storage is not allowed. (10-7-21) see Exterior Property & Structure Maintenance

Overnight Parking - Vehicles may not be parked on any City street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. 365-days-year. Requests for temporary on-street parking should be made here. (9-1-3) see Off Street Parking

Responsible Pet Owners - Pet excrement may not be left on any public or private property within the City. (6-2-9) If Animal Control is needed, contact 952-894-3647.

With questions regarding these and other property maintenance issues contact Burnsville Rental Licensing & Property Maintenance at 952-895-4440.

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