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Fire Hydrant Inspections and Storz Nozzle Program
Private Hydrant Inspections
Burnsville is home to more than 3,800 fire hydrants. The Burnsville Fire and Public Works departments maintain more than 2,500 City-owned hydrants, with an additional 1,300 privately-owned hydrants present on many commercial and multi-unit residential properties.

State and City fire code require that all fire hydrants (public and private) be inspected annually. In 2013, Burnsville began inspecting all private hydrants that do not already have independent inspections. The cost (approximately $54 per hydrant) will be charged to the private hydrant owner's utility bill. Click here for more information on private hydrant inspections.

Storz Nozzle
Beginning in 2013, Burnsville will also update all City-owned fire hydrants with new "Storz" technology, which will allow firefighters to save between 60 and 90 seconds each time they connect to a hydrant.


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