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Address/House Numbers
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House Numbers Are Important to Public Safety Response

house numberCan your house number be easily seen from the street? Imagine an ambulance, fire engine or police car traveling down the road in the dark of night. Will they be able to see your house number to come to your aid?

Homeowners are encouraged to place house numbers on their properties per Burnsville City Code 8-5-2. It states:
  • House numbers must be visible from the street both day and night and located near the home's entrance.
  • House numbers must be at least four inches high and be of a contrasting color to the house and structure they are helping to identify.
  • House numbers or their background must be reflective to ensure that public safety officials can find your home at night.
  • House numbers painted on curbs DO NOT meet requirements.

If it is not practical to place the number at or near the building entrance, it should be placed and maintained by the owner in another location that can be clearly seen from the street (subject to Fire Department approval).

More information: Building Inspections, 952-895-4444.

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