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Therapeutic Massage

Person completing application 
    Therapeutic Massage License Application Packet [PDF]

Therapeutic Massage License Application
The City of Burnsville requires that all therapeutic massage therapists be licensed and pay an annual licensing fee. This includes enterprise therapists, all therapists employed by an enterprise and self-employed contractual therapists. All persons applying for a license must complete all information contained in the application, and will need to familiarize themselves with the code.

License & Investigation Fees
As of July 1, 2016, ALL therapeutic massage therapists must pay an annual license fee (valid July 1 - June 30). Fees must be submitted with a completed and signed application or renewal. The fee is set annually by the City Council and is subject to change.

Enterprise License:                        $200/annually
Must be paid annually. Includes a license for one (1) practicing therapeutic massage therapist.

Required for:
  • An enterprise that employees one or more massage therapists
  • A single operator who maintains his or her own establishment or provides in-home service
  • Massage therapists who work under an enterprise or single operator, but are not considered employees (i.e., independent contractors)
  • A business location that leases space to an independent contractor that performs therapeutic massage

Investigation Fee – Enterprise:       $300/one-time
This one-time fee must be paid by all new enterprise applicants, and is valid for one (1) owner.
Individual Therapist License:          $75/annually
Must be paid annually. Individual License holders may only practice within the establishment of an Enterprise License holder.

Required for:
  • All non-contracted employees of an Enterprise License holder
**Please note that EACH individual massage therapist must pay this annual license fee in addition to the employer’s Enterprise License fee. 

Investigation Fee – Individual:         $200/one-time
This one-time fee must be paid by all new individual applicants. 

Discounts and Exemptions
  • Investigation fees may be reduced by $100 if the enterprise/individual provides a third-party background search from an approved firm
  • Investigation fees are applied to new applicants only, and will not be assessed on renewals
  • Massage therapists working under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner do not require a license
  • Massage therapy students are not eligible for a license and may not practice in Burnsville

Additional Information

For Enterprise License Applicants:

  • All persons performing massage services for your enterprise must be listed on your Enterprise License application.
  • It is the responsibility of the enterprise to ensure that individual therapists submit their own Individual Therapist License application
  • It is the responsibility of the enterprise to track employees with a license.  Enterprises will be required to provide information on licensed individual therapists at time of renewal.

For Former Individual License Applicants:

  • Persons who were previously considered an individual massage therapist, but are now NOT considered employees (i.e. independent contractors) are required to obtain an Enterprise License and will be charged the appropriate fee.  This will allow independent contractors to work anywhere within the City of Burnsville.

For All License Applicants:

  • If your documentation for diploma or certification of graduation is from outside the state, a certified or official transcript must be sent directly from the school or educational institution accompanied by documentation establishing the accreditation of that school or institution.
  • All persons providing a massage service must comply with the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Client Bill of Rights and post a copy as required by law and ensure compliance with the statutory provisions.
  • A license holder will be responsible for any City costs in enforcing the license provisions including re-inspection fees, attorney fees, etc.
  • Transient individual therapists must provide a copy of their current license when performing massage therapy within the City upon request.
  • Anyone found to be practicing massage without a license will be in violation of Title 3, Chapter 15 of the Burnsville City Code.

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