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Smoking and Decks
In Minnesota, careless smoking results in more than 30 percent of all residential fire related deaths. While the Burnsville Fire Department discourages smoking on a deck or patio, if you do, please remember the following:

  • Dispose of smoking items appropriately, in a metal fire resistant container.
  • Store the container away from the house/deck and combustibles.
  • Do not dispose of butts or ashes in the trash at any time.
  • Do not use a planter box for ashes or cigarette butts.
  • Remember, Even if you think the cigarette is out, it probably isn’t!

  • Do not use fireworks on or near a deck.
  • After staining or painting a deck or house, let the towels/rags dry outdoors thoroughly then dispose of, or store in a metal fire resistant container.

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