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Public Meeting Procedures
Public hearings, whether held by the Council or City Commissions, provide the opportunity for any resident to fully present his or her position on the issue. The Council will also provide an opportunity for public comment on any item of public interest.

The City Council welcomes the public to all Council meetings, work sessions, and hearings. Citizens are encouraged to express their opinion during these meetings. To keep the agenda moving smoothly, the Council has adopted guidelines for making presentations before the Council.

Council members have received background information related to the meeting's agenda and have prepared themselves for the decision-making process. In some cases Council may have also discussed these items at a previous work session. Background information includes the minutes of any related Council or Commission meetings, staff reports, and submittals by petitioners and other interested parties.

When the Council considers issues that have been the subject of previous public hearings, it does not conduct another hearing. The public hearing record is thoroughly reviewed prior to the Council meeting. Comments on matters that have been the subject of previous public hearings are welcome so that all relevant information can be considered by the City Council in its decision-making process. However, additional comments should be succinct and to the point.

The Council has a mandatory adjournment time of 11:30 p.m.

Order of Business
The schedule for a Council meeting is shown on the AGENDA. An agenda is a list of business items to be considered at a meeting. Each item is given an approximate time that it will be heard. Copies of the agenda are available at the entrance to the Council Chambers at the time of meetings.

The agenda is also published before Council meetings in the Dakota County Tribune and ThisWeek newspapers. Information on upcoming agenda items is also available through the City Clerk at 952-895-4490 or on the City’s Website.

Regular Agenda

The REGULAR AGENDA consists of items requiring individual consideration by the Council; for example, discussion of individual development issues that have a significant number of community or neighborhood concerns.

Non Agenda Items
Individuals wishing to appear at regular meetings of the City Council relative to items not included on an agenda or in the application process are welcome to address the Council under the section of the agenda entitled, Citizen Comments. Ten minutes are reserved for this portion of the agenda, so please limit comments to 2-4 minutes. No Council action should be expected at this meeting on a request under Citizen Comments, since the Council would want to study all proposals or requests that are not of a routine nature.

Consent Agenda
The Burnsville City Council uses a CONSENT AGENDA procedure for routine, non-controversial items needing little or no deliberation. Those items are identified on the agenda and are approved as a block with one vote unless a Councilmember, City staff, or citizen requests that an item be considered separately.

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