Why is there a special assessment, and how is it calculated?
Special assessments are used on street and landscape improvements, and are based on the concept that individual property owners directly benefit from these types of improvements, and the value of the property adjacent to a street improvement will increase. The use of special assessments by municipalities is legislated by the State of Minnesota under State Statute 429, and provides for an equitable means to finance roadway improvements while minimizing the demand on the City’s property tax levy.

The City of Burnsville’s Special Assessment Policy provides a standard method by which assessments are calculated for street reconstruction, rehabilitation and reclamation projects from year to year. Assessments are calculated by abutting street footage and are based upon land usage. Street footage is adjusted to account for irregularities in lot sizes and shapes. For instance, residential corner lots will receive reductions in street footage to reduce the burden, while lots in cul-de-sacs will receive increases in street footage to account for irregular lot shapes.

The assessment amount for the entire current year’s street reconstruction, rehabilitation or reclamation project will be the lesser of the two scenarios below:
1) Average of the last three years of assessment rates for reconstruction or rehabilitation, or
2) 40% of the current year’s project cost for street reconstruction or rehabilitation work (does not include utility work, which is not assessed)

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