What is the difference between "Reconstruction," "Rehabilitation" and "Reclamation"?
Street Reconstruction:
Generally includes the removal of all existing asphalt surfacing, excavation of the road subgrade materials, and in certain instances, watermain replacement, storm sewer installation, and sanitary sewer repairs. Depending on the extent of the utility work, curbs may be fully replaced. The road is re-built from the bottom-up, with new or reclaimed aggregate base, and at least two layers of new asphalt surfacing.

Street Rehabilitation:
Generally includes the removal of the top two inches (2”) of asphalt surface, and replacement with one layer of asphalt surface. Street Rehabilitation includes spot curb repair, adjustment of utility structures in the street, and in some cases, addition or modification of storm sewer manholes and catch basins. Generally speaking, the roadway gets a “face lift”, with no improvements to the road subgrade.

Street Reclamation:
A hybrid of the “reconstruction” and “rehabilitation” methods, and includes grinding up the existing asphalt material with existing gravel base material, compacting it in place, and paving new layers of asphalt pavement over the top. Existing curb receives spot repairs where it may be severely cracked, broken, or settled. Reclamation is a cost effective method for upgrading a street where the asphalt may be too deteriorated to receive a street rehabilitation treatment, but the existing utilities and curb and gutter are generally in good condition and do not need total replacement.

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1. What is the difference between "Reconstruction," "Rehabilitation" and "Reclamation"?
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