Environmental Initiatives

Commitment to the Environment

The City of Burnsville is committed to long-term environmental sustainability - through multiple projects that help reduce greenhouse gases and energy use; protect water sources and nature; and promote the benefits of "being green.

To help with these initiatives, the City has developed a Sustainability Guide Plan that outlines 14 priority areas of sustainability best practices. The guide plan provides practical ideas, activities and strategies for the City and the community to help protect and nurture Burnsville's natural environment.

Taking 'Green Steps'

The City of Burnsville is recognized as a "Step 5" Minnesota GreenStep City by the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a program designed to help cities achieve their sustainability goals. The program is based on 29 best practices – including "green" recommendations for buildings and lighting, land use, transportation, environmental management and economic and community development.

As one of 113 participating cities and tribal nations, the City of Burnsville has worked to implement best practices that result in saving money, reducing energy use, conserving resources and encouraging civic innovation in the process.

Faster than compost, taller than a rain barrel and more powerful than an LED light bulb!

Sustainability Man -- Burnsville's very own superhero -- is always in search of green projects and sustainable resources in Burnsville. Follow Sustainability Man's adventures as he meets with people in Burnsville to learn about environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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