Natural Resources

Primary Services

Through the leadership of the Natural Resources Director, this work area provides the following services:

  • Participation in local Watershed Management Organizations
  • Review of Development Plans for environmental impacts
  • Wildlife management programs
  • Natural resources public education programs
  • Surface water management and monitoring programs
  • Prairie management and monitoring programs

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Ongoing Projects

Terrace Oaks Park Savanna/Woodland Restoration

The City began large-scale restoration activities at Terrace Oaks Park in 2014 with a 19 acre project in the northwest corner of the park. This project was conducted in partnership with Great River Greening, with funding for the second phase of the project contributed through the Conservation Partner Legacy grant program from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. In 2018-2019, the City will expand the restoration effort to an additional 26 acres of adjacent parkland. This project will be funded by another Conservation Partner Legacy grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Some of the goals of the restoration work at Terrace Oaks Park are to remove invasive plant species, restore the native plant community, improve wildlife habitat and improve the health of existing oak trees. Click here to find a map of both restoration sites (PDF). More information on the oak savanna restoration process can be found on the savanna showcase page.

Work will begin on the next phase of the restoration in winter of 2018-2019.  The invasive species and weedy tree removal of the project is expected to take 3 weeks.  During that component of the project, several sections of trails will be closed to the public.  Click the link to see a map showing the sections of trail that will be temporarily closed (PDF).