Projects in Planning

Lake Marion Trail Project

The Lake Marion Greenway is a 20-mile planned trail through Burnsville, Savage, Credit River Township, Lakeville and Farmington, with the intention of linking the Minnesota River to the Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve. A master plan for this project was first adopted in 2013.  See the Lake Marion Trail Project page for more information.

On-Street Bike Lanes

On-street bike lanes are a cost-effective way to complete gaps in the City’s bike network. While trails might be preferred, the cost of constructing them is much higher than utilizing existing streets and striping a lane for bikes.  

In 2018, the City of Burnsville studied areas that could accommodate on-street bike lanes. The City Council approved two pilot project areas for 2019.  See the On-Street Bike Lanes page for more information.

2021 City Street Improvements

There are many City street improvement projects planned for 2021.  See the 2021 City Street Improvements page for more information.

Cliff Road Trail Project

In 2018, the City received Federal grant funding to complete a trail gap on the north side of Cliff Road between Highway 13 and the Eagan border. The City of Burnsville is partnering with Dakota County to complete this gap, currently proposed for construction to begin in the spring of 2021. See the Cliff Road Trail page for more information