FAQs - PSA Day

Wednesday, June 5th BCTV non-profit PSA day

Is my organization qualified to participate in BCTV’s PSA Day?

Representatives that work for or volunteer for a non-profit organization that serves Burnsville, Lakeville, Savage or Dakota County are qualified to participate in PSA Day.

What is a public service announcement (PSA)?

Messages that educate and raise "public" awareness about "services" or important safety information. PSAs provide viewers information about available programs, activities or services of non-profit organizations.

What is BCTV’s PSA Day?

BCTV will provide staff and a half-hour of studio time to help local non-profits create a 30 second high quality video public service announcement (PSA). BCTV staff will edit the PSA and send it to the non-profit within two weeks after PSA Day. The PSA will be in digital format for the non-profit to use on social media, in marketing and on their website.

What if no one from my organization is available on the date of PSA Day?

If a non-profit organization is not available for the specific date of June 5, 2019, BCTV Staff will make an appointment to discuss television production opportunities and the facilities available. For further information or questions, please email Tina LeGarde or call 952-641-1354.