Community Garden Rules

The Community Gardener Agrees To:

  • Supply my own seeds, plants and tools for preparation and cultivation of crops
  • Keep garden pests (weeds, insects and diseases) under control using only approved organic products.
  • Place organic waste in designated compost bins.
  • Herbicides are prohibited
  • Individual gardens may be fenced with chicken wire no more than two feet in height to protect crops from rabbits.
  • Clean up my garden plot by the end of October.
  • Agree to comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
  • Be a good gardening neighbor:
  • Limit activity for me and my family or guests to my personal plot
  • Harvest produce from my garden plot only
  • Remove paper and trash from the area

Community Garden Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants may garden at their own convenience during the hours of 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven-days-a-week.
  2. The community garden is intended for personal use only. Gardening for commercial use is not allowed.
  3. Garden plots are limited to one (1) per family.
  4. Children in the community garden must be supervised at all times.
  5. Garden plot participants are expected to keep their plots free of weeds, grass and other debris that harbor insects. Weeds over one (1) foot in height or weeds with seed heads must be removed. Weed definitions include devil or crab grass which can spread and choke off other plants.
  6. Weeds and cutting from your garden must be taken to designated compost area.
  7. No dumping of debris into other garden plots is allowed.
  8. Garden plots may not be used to grow perennial vegetables, illegal plants, plants that do not bear vegetables or spices, or trees of any kind.
  9. Crops, plants, vines and vegetation must be contained within the boundaries of one's garden plot. Overlapping into adjacent pathways or garden plots is prohibited.
  10. No fertilizers or insecticides will be used in any way, only organic products are permissible.
  11. Structures other than trellis for vines, tomatoes and melons are not allowed.
  12. Water spigot will be supplied for the entire community garden to utilize. No hoses allowed; buckets may be used.
  13. All crops must be harvested by the end of October or will be destroyed.
  14. All non-compostable materials must be removed by the end of October. You may be required to pay a penalty of up to $50 and/or banned from renting a plot in the future for leaving items such as: weed blocking material (plastic and fabric), any plastic or metal items. Or abandoning your plot.
  15. The City of Burnsville/Neill Park/Wolk assumes no liability for any injury, damage, theft or loss of property belonging to garden users participants, before, during or after their usage/lease.
  16. The City of Burnsville/Neill Park/Wolk reserves the right to have full access to all garden plots at any time in order to ensure that all rules, regulations, and laws are being observed, and if necessary may terminate a garden plot lease or activity for the safety and welfare of the property.